Samuel Frohlich

‘Adequate nutrition is key for every single person when it comes to reaching their health and fitness goals. Without it you are losing half the battle’
I was very overweight when I was younger and thankfully managed to turn my life around through exercise and cutting out junk food. However, for the next 5 years, whilst my progress was ok, it could have been a lot better had I know more about nutrition and how to eat for my body and my goals. 
It wasn’t till I met a trainer and nutrition coach who gave me the information to get started, that I saw much better progress. From then I’ve made it my job to educate myself in nutrition in order to help clients lose fat, build muscle, look better and feel awesome. 
I pay particular attention to people’s food and nutrition habits and place a large emphasis on coaching people how to eat properly and the fundamentals of nutrition.
If you have any inquiries or if you are confused about the appropriate nutrition plan to follow, speak to Sam. Also, you can check his Instagram page for plenty of health and fitness advice. 

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