About Avocado

So many people will ditch Healthy eating because it is boring and tasteless and they can’t be committed to that kind of food for a long time and they end up compromising their objective whether it is losing weight or building muscles.
Avocado promise is to serve you meal plans based on counted calories and Macros. All our recipes are well balanced between protein, fats and carbs to provide you with the most efficient nutrition. We use the finest ingredients to cook and bake our food every morning.
All our meal plans are carefully designed based on your goal and if you are confused about your daily intake of calories and/or Macros, no problem; Our Expert nutritionist will help you tailor a plan to make your physique goal happen.
So, whether you are looking for losing weight, building muscle or simply craving a homemade food, Avocado will work for you.
Avocado is an enjoyable food experience because in our Culinary, “Healthy meets delicious”.

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