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Terms & conditions:

Avocado Terms and Conditions are applied on all the different menus advertised on the website. It is possible that (without prior notice) those terms and conditions change (update) in the future, without prior notification.

  • The delivered food needs to be stored between 0 and 3 degrees in a time-frame that is less than 60 minutes following the agreed delivery time.
  • The food is consumable and valid during the same day of the delivery, and cannot be consumed after stored or refrigerated for more than 24 hours.
  • Avocado require 2 to 5 working days to start the delivery process starting the registration date. Our working week is from Sunday to Thursday.
  • The Kitchen operates 7 days per week and the members understand and agree that any order needs time to organize the operations.
  • Avocado will require all new applicants to provide their information, delivery address, and desired and favorable delivery timings at least 5 days prior to any delivery.
  • Delivery timings are between 2:00 am – 8:00 am.
  • Avocado membership fees and payments are to be made online through Avocado website payment platform or through telegraphic transfer.
  • Avocado membership payments are to be done weekly, bi-monthly or monthly as per the plan.
  • Avocado will start the delivery of the food once the payment is reflected as received. So, all members and applicants must consider the banking holidays and weekends when they process their payments. In other words; “If a payment is made on a Friday or Saturday (1 2 day prior to start date of any new food program) the client will have to wait for the next week to get his new program as the kitchen needs a min of of 3 to 4 days to adjust the operations (unless the kitchen capacities allows it.
  • Avocado payments and fees as mentioned on the website are net of all banking charges. In other words: “When you make a telegraphic transfer we kindly request you to bear your own banking charges”.
  • If the payment is not authorized by the client’s bank, this last agrees to compensate Avocado for any additional charge that might have impacted Avocado operations.
  • Avocado after receiving any payment – will issue an order confirmation that will be sent to the member or the applicant through email message or a mobile phone text message as confirmation to the successful purchase and the status of the package.
  • Avocado does not accept Cash Payments.
  • Payments made for the food delivery are nonrefundable. However, Avocado management will welcome any member or applicant to get an exception to the rule for specific force majeure occasions. For example: If the delivery bags of the food are not delivered on time for more than 4 days – proofs need to be delivered – or, if the member is leaving the country as relocated to another – proofs need to be delivered. Avocado will not refund more than 50% of the membership fee as logistics are engaged for each client at the time of subscription.
  • If the member wishes to change the location of delivery, the member has to notify Avocado at least 3 working days before the actual relocation happen.
  • If the member is a frequent traveler and wishes to have a freeze to his delivery, he has to notify Avocado with a specific travel plan 7 working days in advance so the kitchen can freeze the delivery and resume at the agreed date.
  • Avocado can only freeze the delivery of a member for travelling reasons for a period of 24 days only. After this period the freeze period will be lost and the client will automatically be consuming his next month / delivery plan.
  • Any medical conditions that require dietary modifications or special dietary requirements must be specified to Avocado through email message, or through the website. The member holds Avocado indemnified against any physical reaction that happens to the member that is in relation to any undeclared allergies or dietary necessity that was not declared to Avocado in advance and filled in the application form to the membership. All reaction caused by the consumption of the food because of any medical conditions not reported and declared to Avocado are not Avocado responsibility and the member acknowledges his responsibility to get its own physician’s advice regarding food allergies, and special dietary requirements.
  • in case of the member’s declaration of allergies prior to the membership and prior to the start of the delivery of the food, Avocado will make every possible attempt to identify ingredients that may cause allergic reactions for those with food allergies and intolerances. Our team will be informed few days prior to the start of the plan and will take all the precautions to avoid any contamination. Notwithstanding this, the clients need to be aware that there is always a possibility of contamination or a mistake in the food packing process. We thus recommend that the member checks any possible allergens before consuming the food. In case any allergic reaction appears after the consumption and the start of the plan, the member has to refrain from consuming the delivered food until the reason is identified and gets a confirmation from Avocado team that the reason has been identified and replaced in his food plan.
  • The member understands that the delivery bag is the ownership of Avocado and shall not keep the bag or claim ownership to it.
  • Avocado recommend its members to leave the empty bags at the lobby desk / reception or outside the door of the agreed delivery location. In case the bag is damaged or stolen when left at the client’s door, Avocado will have the full right to claim its value from the member.
  • If the member fails to leave the food delivery bag outside of the door for more than 3 days in a row, Avocado has the right to freeze the delivery. The member must drop the bag for collection to be returned to Avocado delivery crew.
  • Avocado reserve the right to charge the client on monthly basis for renewals after the end of a delivery plan unless the member cancels 2 days prior to the end of his plan.
  • The value of each meal plan displayed on Avocado website can vary from time to time to adapt to the member’s needs and special requests. Any changes in the pricing will be coordinated to the members with a notice of at least one week. The members who already made their payments in advance have the privilege of keeping the prices the same until their plan is due for renewal.
  • Our plans can accommodate a maximum of TWO customizations (dislikes) per person. Members are permitted to change these during their membership, however these many not exceed the allocation of TWO per member at any one time.
  • Avocado has the right to alter, change or update any or all above terms and conditions in the future without prior notification and without the need to get further approval of the subscriber.
  • The member approval to the above terms and conditions are to be seen as acknowledgement, confirmation, and acceptance to all its terms.
  • The prices displayed on Avocado website can vary over time.
  • The exact delivery time of each member’s bag cannot be guaranteed on a daily basis, however the bag will be delivered after 4 a.m. and before the time specified on the member’s on-boarding.
  • Clients are free to pause their membership by giving Avocado 3 working days advance notification. Please note that it is not possible to freeze more than 15 days consecutively. Any delivery days outstanding following a 15 days pause duration will be lost if the member is unable to take receipt of the food.

Avocado does not provide any guarantees on results. This is due to the fact that progress & results will differ significantly from member-to-member based on a number of factors outside the control of Avocado. These include; genetics, exercise frequency, exercise intensity and the food consumed on the ‘non- meal plan’ days. Avocado therefor cannot offer refunds to clients who feel they have not seen the results they were seeking.

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